There’s much more to Mechanical & Heating/Plumbing maintenance than just looking after and managing your building systems. It’s about managing your assets and maintaining the investment you’ve made in your buildings. That’s why we do everything we can to help.

Our engineers are a multi-talented bunch. They work hard to get to know everything about your Mechanical & Heating/Plumbing maintenance needs and compliance so you can relax in the knowledge that you’re in safe hands. You name it, they’re probably well versed in it.


We deliver heating services that lead to energy efficiency and cost reduction. Our experts repair and service your boilers to ensure their high-performance for a longer period of time.

Old and rusty boilers do not only cause damage to the environment but these also are less efficient when it comes to fuel conversion. It is estimated that boilers and heating equipment that are not well-maintained and old are able to convert only 60% of the fuel into heat. Hence, understanding the importance of well-maintained and high-performing boilers and heating equipment, we offer a complete range of services to help you maintain your boilers in good condition.

Providing effective solutions and using modern technology, we are able to deliver heating services that help you save costs on your energy bills.

Our experts and engineers are able to take care of a wide range of heating problems from dysfunctional boilers to cold radiators. They service and repair your heating equipment to ensure that it performs efficiently and lasts longer. They visit the site, examine your heating equipment and suggest solutions that are practical and result-oriented.


At UK Solutions Group Ltd, we have extensive experience of installing and repairing central heating systems for the domestic sector. Our experts can deal with a variety of heating equipment ranging from boilers to radiators. Moreover, we also deliver our services to maintain and repair central heating systems that are fuelled by renewable technology, for example heat pump.


  • Expertise and equipment to deal with renewable heat technology
  • Trusted and expert team of engineers
  • Services to maintain and repair LPG, gas and oil central heating systems
  • Extensive experience of serving the domestic sector
  • Prompt and efficient services for boiler installation, repair and maintenance
  • Reliable advice

At UK Solutions Group Ltd., we house a team of trusted and qualified Gas Safe Registered engineers. They have vast experience of installing cost and energy efficient boilers all across the UK.

We source out high-performing heating equipment and boilers for you and offer our complete assistance for their installation in your homes. Supplying boilers from leading manufacturers including Baxi, Worcester-Bosch and Valliant, we operate as an accredited body of reputable heating services providers.

We supply and install boilers that include full parts and labour warranty.


  • CBR vetted engineers
  • Top quality System, Combi and Regular Boilers
  • Gas Safe Registered engineers
  • Oil and LPG boilers for no mains gas
  • Prompt and efficient service
  • All boilers come with a warranty
  • Reliable boiler replacement advice


Heating controls give you increased control over your heating equipment and boilers to regulate the temperature inside your homes/premises. At UK Solutions Group Ltd., we understand the growing importance and use of heating controls and hence, offer a wide range of heating control solutions. Ranging from Smart Thermostats to Thermostatic Radiator Valves and Room Thermostats, we offer all that can help you make more efficient use of your heating equipment.

We have vast experience of installing heating controls inside homes/premises and this makes us a leading authority to advice you on the selection of your heating controls solution. You can rely on our expert advice to invest in a solution that best serves your purpose. We ensure to deliver heating controls installation services that comply with the highest standards of customer convenience and satisfaction. Once our experts install heating controls they stay back for quite some time to ensure that these are performing properly. Moreover, they also train you to operate heating controls so that you may be able to regulate temperature inside your homes/premises independently.

Some of the common heating controls that we install include:

  • Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats are increasingly becoming popular in the UK. Some of the most commonly used Smart Thermostats include Nest, Netatmo, Wave, Tado and Evohome.

Smart Thermostats are multi-functional devices and can even perform operations that most of the traditional thermostats fail to do. These include:

  • Record the time period it takes for a confined space to heat up or cool down
  • Allow to create personalised and updated heating schedules
  • Pipe freezing detection and consequent turning-on of heating
  • Generates reports concerning your heat usage
  • Automatic turning-off of the heating after detecting that you are away

Smart Thermostats allow remote operation and control via PCs and mobile devices. These can be easily installed and allow more efficient heating.

  • Boiler Thermostat

Boiler thermostats are designed to allow increased control over water temperature regulation. Users are expected to make use of the dial located on the boiler and set it according to the manufacturer’s instructions, in order to efficiently control the water temperature.

  • Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Thermostatic radiators valves are suitable for regulating the temperature inside a single room. These are attached to the radiator and regulate temperature by controlling the flow of hot water to the radiator. You can set thermostatic radiators to maintain different temperatures in different rooms.

Easy to install, these can also be attached with already existing radiators and are highly affordable. In order to make better use of these, we advise that you use these with a room thermostat. The ideal situation would be to install these in the same room at room thermostats.

  • Timers and Programmers

Timers and programmers allow you to regulate your heating and water by setting a fixed turn on and turn off time.

  • Room Thermostats

Room thermostats are sensitive to air temperature inside a room. When it rises above a certain level, these work to stop or slow down the flow of water to the central heating system from the boiler. It is ideal to use room thermostats with a programmer. This leads to more efficient use of the heating equipment. For better control and efficiency, you may also attach a thermostatic radiator valve to your room thermostats.

At UK Solutions Group Ltd., we provide installation services for a wide range of basic and programmable room thermostats. To benefit from our extensive range of heating control services and solutions, get in touch now!

Types of Boilers

There are mainly three types of boilers available:

  • Combi
  • Regular
  • System

Moreover, boilers are also differentiated on the basis of fuel that is used to run these and as condensing and non-condensing boilers.

Combi Boilers

Combi boilers or combination boilers are designed to heat water inside the central heating system and that coming from the mains as well. Combi boilers are an ideal solution for you if your hot water requirements are not too extreme and water comes at a decent pressure from the mains.

These require less space and do not need a hot water tank, expansion cistern or feed tank to be attached with them.

Regular Boilers

Regular boilers make use of a heating coil to heat the water stored in your hot water tank. If you have a low mains pressure and your hot water requirements are more than average, regular boiler can be an ideal solution for your home. However, these take more space than a typical combi or system boiler and facilitate Solar Thermal.

System Boilers

System boilers are used to heat water directly from the mains. The heated water is then stored in a hot water tank that can be used as and when required. It is able to meet high hot water demands for homes where pressure from mains is low. Moreover, it also facilitates Solar Thermal. 

Condensing Boilers

These boilers run on the advanced and sophisticated heat exchanger technology and are able to heat your homes more efficiently. Their higher efficiency has led to it becoming a legal requirement that all oil and gas fuelled boilers be condensing boilers.

Boiler Efficiency

Efficiency of a boiler measures to its capacity to convert fuel into usable heat. Efficient boilers consume less fuel and help you save costs on your energy bills.

When planning to buy a boiler, it is advised that you always check its SEDBUK efficiency rating. SEDBUK rates energy efficiency on a scale of A to G, as they may perform to fulfil standard heating requirements of an average UK home, annually.


With a focus on corporate offices, we work with clients who need a high quality facilities management service for their premium office space. Working across a variety of sectors wherethe workspace really matters, gives us a unique insight int the individual needs of clients working within these specific sectors.

  • Based in Bristol but covers multiple postcodes for CET–   UK Solutions Group Ltd joined the supplier Network in 2013. They have shown full commitment to CET and are always happy to help wherever they can even if it means going into other postcodes if required. They have been used on the CET task force to help out in badly affected areas when required. Totally flexible. A true 24/7 supplier

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  • UK Solutions Group Ltd. attended my property to investigate a boiler breakdown following a claim I had put in to my Home Emergency insurance. The engineer who attended was friendly, efficient and knowledgeable and was able to quickly diagnose the fault with my boiler. They returned later in the day to fit the parts which were required and my boiler is now running like a dream! I also put a claim in for a leak that I had from under my kitchen sink and UK Solutions Group Ltd. were assigned to come out. Again, the plumber who attended quickly diagnosed and rectified the fault in a friendly and efficient manner. I have said to my insurance company that I would not hesitate to recommend UK Solutions Group Ltd. for all Home Emergency insurance needs.

    M BoultonBristol
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